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Hey What’s Goin On!

It’s Lenai Stewart HERE!

Being Raised to Fit IN

To Agree With the Majority

Instead of Saying YES to

“Celebrating Your Authentic Self”

“Celebrities”  if you notice

demonstrate & celebrate

their “Uniqueness”  that is what draws the

“Fan Base”

Continually deciding to Fit In With

The Crowd is a Conscious Choice

Putting More mind over money Is

Really a Lifestyle that comes before



I was raised the traditional way go to school

Get a good job & retire with 401K, pension plan

& then move down to Florida to soak up the sun.

After 3 mergers in the banking industry,

Then switching to health insurance thinking &

Needing security to meet me there.

I found the term “Member Substitution”

Actually means Merger with A bigger company.

I guess when we “the employees” were required

To read the famous “Who Moved the Cheese”

By Spencer Johnson that should have been a

Sign for us ALL….

Some didn’t see the Flashing Yellow Yield Sign

But Truth Still Prevailed eventually.

Pink Slips, Teary Good Bye to Co-Workers

& The LOOK of “What In the World Am

I Going to Do Now”


When My Uncle told me I could save

70% on My next vacation & Make A Little

Part time Income.

I thought well “Hey, I am a coupon girl. Why Not?

Plus, my annual 4 weeks of vacation days were

always in the “Save Bank” For my household

just in case one of the kids got sick.

I must apologize to my friends, families & co-workers about that list I was told to make, invites to travel parties & dog on it the belief that you just might want to be set free too.

I know inside you really do, but you know

I’ve been know as a “Rebel” all my life anyway.

Even at the Workplace. (wink)

Verbally speaking out saying “Isn’t It About People?”

I  guess back then I wanted to Bail Out but

still needed others to agree with “My Intuition”

that there must be something more than this to Life.


I bailed out, but not quite the way I was originally

told too.

You know I’m A Slow Peeble at times

With new information, but with Desire the size

Of Mount Kilimanjaro… LOL

For those who secretly at night ask themselves

“Is there more to life than this?”

Who hit the Snooze button 5x before getting out of bed?

Who still listen to that little voice that says

“I am More than this”

But don’t know who & where or even 

how to express it?

I feel you! I know! I understand & you’re not alone….

I t took me over a year to learn what it really takes

To create your own economy…

I didn’t do it myself; it took a handful of positive

People around me….

But it sure wasn’t just a website, 

fancy speaking or

A promise of wealth within 90 days…

I’m here if you need me..

Take Care

Lenai Stewart AKA Beautyinside

AkA “Shade Diva”



Request your Free Booklet

Call my 24(Hrs) rec. Hotline 1-888-307-4416

Inside"The Battleground" Of Locating A Loving"

It seems way OUT of the "Norm" 

to even Learn & Study How To Earn On

the True Value Of YOU & what you

can bring too others in Service.

And unheard of In traditional 

upbringing that Most of Us Share.

Tradition says Do Good In School,
Get A Good job & Retire somewhere 
warm & sunny.

Now Work for a Loving?

What's that?

It sounds totally Impossible but doesn't

mean it's Still Not TRUTH & can't be Done

Corporate America didn't just move

"My Cheese" but many others too 

Many DID get the Drift to Not 

put All their Eggs in the basket of

"PayRoll" Alone.

I don't promote Quit Your Job

Go Full time in 6 months!! 

The idea of Havin Eggs in multiple baskets

in addition to your "First Income"

Now That's an Idea!

Lightblub ON!

Doing just that for many can

STOP the worries of

"How Am I Going To Pay Bills"


"We have to cut family vacation this year"

Wait A minute!

I heard that "$$$" is the Root To ALL Evil"

Now this Belief has been taken out of

Context Now for way too LONG EVEN

passed down from one generation 

to the next AS a Belief...

Now society is SET Up that Without Money 

we can't take care of ourselves 

& Loved ones.

It's not like Everything Is Free. Ya know?

Just think about it! 

So Why is it We believe MONEY is the Root To ALL Evil Again?????" 

Sounds Silly Now to Still believe that Old
Belief..Doesn't IT....

I'm Not sayin BE A LOVER of Money,

instead I say havin some Allows "Us"

to express our Love in A ABUNDANT

way towards our loved ones.

Some Say "Well You can LOVE

without money,& I agree with that.

I'm talking about creating a LEGACY for

your family. A LEGACY you can pass down

from one generation to the next.

Listen the "Bailout" program is about addition.

Let's say adding a NEW Philosophy 
or Mindset Into your Life that turns 
into You being able To 

Do MORE of YOU....

Not Taking Away from WHAT

you are doing now 

especially if it's working for you.

If its NOT then read on...

Can you work towards Being A "Full Time"

Entrepreneuar Absolutely!

It's an individual choice based on the

LIFESTYLE you personally seek.

It's just An idea that I started out

with as A Single parent of two girls

who tired of "Cheese Moves" in the






I found

I discovered

A loving....

It's funny how many of us start out lookin for

1 goal only to have LIFE say "I got something

bigger than that for you"


"The Battleground"

of Locating
 A Loving

IS Living Like A RockStar

& No day EVER feels

like Work...

Call 24(HRs.) rec. bailout

Hotline to request Your

free report Or Clik HERE


Best To Ya!
Lenai Stewart aka Beautyinside

"Life is Not About waiting for the Storm to Pass,it's about dancing in the Storm"

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